beating the system to keep my pokemon save data when i upgraded to a bigger sd card might just be the most satisfying thing

3ds is totally functional but i definitely didn’t wanna lose the work on my newer file b/c seriously nintendo fuck your “well u could be cheating so we won’t let the save transfer” bullshit

like i mean my reactions were basically *throws hands up in the air and goes AAAAAAHHHHHH* but i got a “OH SHIT ARE YOU OKAY?” yes grams i’m just hype as fuck about rvb today

actually scared my grams with my rvb finale reactions, oh my god

what a fucking ride

i just created the most bullshit freeform resume for a job i applied for and if they don’t end up hiring me, i hope they at least get a chuckle out of how absolutely desperate i am

just submitted to get a steam key for dandelion b/c i rarely ever have issues with steam games working improperly and it’ll be nice to have it there



Kitty fart

Vine by Cersei


Luke: *begins to seem like he's not so bad after all*
Luke: *immediately begins literally grinding Mieu's face into the ground with his boot*

My fist x Luke’s face is a very important tales of the abyss ship tbh


Don’t let me play video games you love I will just find things to complain about and it will not be a good time for anybody involved